(Cat Friendly Dog Breeds) Despite many prejudices Dogs and Cats can become friends and live peacefully under one roof .We will tell you briefly the Dog Breeds which are friendly dogs and cat live with other pets like cats and parrots etc. Basically, there is no breed of dog that understands itself well with cats by nature. This article informs you therefore not only about dog breeds, which are considered cat-friendly , but also about the best conditions so that dog and cat tolerate .

Cat Friendly Dog Breeds

There is no dog breed suitable for cats . However, small, hectic dogs tend to make cats nervous, which is why larger dogs , with a calm and friendly nature , are more likely to be cat- friendly . Based on the traits of the respective dog breeds, we have compiled a list of cat-friendly breeds.

The Bernese Mountain Dog often gets on with cats. This may be due to his amiable nature . Of course, this only applies to well-socialized Bernese Mountain Dogs .

His affectionate and good nature characterizes the Saint Bernard . He is calm and sociable . These properties could be beneficial when merging with a cat .



The Bolonka Zwetna Cat Friendly Dog Breed


The Bolonka Zwetna is a bright and intelligent little company dog . His balanced nature as well as his kindness and patience make him very popular with children. He also copes with other dogs and cats.





Border Terrier the pet friendly Dog


Often the Border Terrier , because of its independent and intelligent nature , appears like a mixture of dog and cat. He is considered cat-friendly , but should live as a puppy with a cat because of his hunting instinct .




The Chow-Chow is a reserved, alert and self-confident dog. He understands only cats, if they were already in front of him in the house. A combination with a later purchased cat is therefore almost impossible.Thanks to his adaptable and sensitive nature.





The Dalmatian cat friendly dog breedThe Dalmatian is compatible with cats and we can say him a Cat Friendly Dog. If you already own a cat, it is advisable to choose an older Dalmatian , who is used to cats . This reduces the stress for the cat, should it not yet be used to dogs.




The Great Dane pet friendly dog breedThe Great Dane is friendly and kindhearted Dog. In addition to children, she quickly locks other pets in her heart and harmonizes with them.






Doberman the pet friendly DogDespite its rather bad reputation, The Doberman is considered extremely peaceful and fond of children . With proper education and socialization, he can therefore tolerate cats.





The Eurasier cat friendly dogThe Eurasier is considered balanced and calm. He has a strong family or Rudelfixierung , with other household animals include the pack. With cats, he could thus tolerate quite well.





Havanese-cat-friendly-dog-breedThe Havanese is an easy-to-educate dog who quickly adapts to his environment. He likes to live together with other dog breeds and cats.





Labrador Relation Tips and TricksThe easy-going, child-friendly and peaceable nature make a Labrador the Ideal Family Dog , which also finds its place in a cat household .




The pug pet friendly dogThe pug is rarely aggressive , so it can be kept well with other pets.






Newfoundlander cat friendly dogThanks to his calm and friendly nature, the Newfoundlander fits well in a cat household .






Rottweiler pet and cat friendly dog breedThe Rottweiler has a friendly and peaceful mood . These qualities, combined with his obedience, are well-suited for socialization and education for living with a cat.





Shih Tzu dog breed cat friendlySince the Shih Tzu is a very sociable dog , he gets on well with other pet animals like cats.

The merger of two cubs

Most likely, cats and dogs live together peacefully when they grow up together . From an early age the puppies learn to understand their different body languages and grow up ” bilingual “. For while a dog with his tail waving expresses friendly feelings, this means annoyance and anger in the cat. If the dog raises the paw this is a friendly gesture, for cats it is a serious threat. So this is not an innate enmity , but rather a massive communication problem . Such misunderstandings between dog and cat can be avoided by growing up together .

Bring together adult dogs and cats

If you want to get used to two mature animals, you need a lot of patience . The first meeting of the two usually decides already on the success of the merger. Therefore, you should pay attention to the following rules:

  • An adult dog will probably hunt a cat and defend or run away. Do not let it come to prey hunting .
  • Feed both animals well before the meeting.
  • Your cat can get used to the threatening barking with a CD .
  • A calm and pleasant atmosphere is the alpha and omega. Do not force the first encounter, the approach speed will determine the animals.
  • Intervene in disputes only if there is a risk of injury .
  • Give the cat a retreat .
  • Do not leave them alone in a room.
  • Separate the feeding places from each other and do not let the dog to the litter box .


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