Does Feist a Good Family Dog

As a family pet Feist Dog Breed are trustworthy, loyal and protective, and get along well with other dogs. Even though they are relatively small, a feist is not a good dog for a first time owner that isn’t prepared to provide the necessary mental and physical stimulation for one of these highly active dogs.

feist is a small Dog , rose from the terriers to the opposed via USA immigrants from the English miners and other working class. These terriers probably contain crosses between the Fox Terrier , the Manchester Terrier , and the now extinct English White Terrier . These dogs were used as ratters and killing gambling rats on their abilities was a favorite hobby of their respective owners. Some of these dogs were with crossed greyhounds , whippets or wind chimes (for speed) and beagles or other dogs (for hunting ability) – extending the family include a greater variety of purpose than the original Pied Piper or Rat Terrier .


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