Make Better Relationship With Your Labrador

In this article, we’ll look at 5 ways to improve your relationship with Labrador.
Labradors have a fabulous reputation for being good-natured. And that is well deserved.

Most laboratories love spending time with their human family and giving as much affection as they receive. However, this does not apply to everyone. Just like humans, some dogs are more restrained than others. Or bounce and therefore more susceptible to distraction.
This may mean that some of us, despite their good mood, feel less connected to our Labradors than we would like.Fortunately, there are some simple ways to strengthen the bonds that bind us to our dogs. We also can help you to prevent your Dog Barks at Night and Disturb you and your Neighbor.

1. Do Hand Feeding to your Labrador Retriever
Most pet labs in the UK are fed a diet of feed. It’s great for convenience and has little mess. But there is another hidden benefit to having a Labrador with Kibble Feeding. Hand feeding. By providing your dog with food directly, you dramatically increase the contact you have with each other.

Labrador Relation Tips and Tricks

It will also improve the quality of the contact from his point of view, as it becomes measurably more rewarding with food!
If you have a raw-fed dog, it is still possible to feed by hand. Make sure you have some rubber gloves handy and clean them thoroughly when you’re done.
Hand feeding is a technique that has been favored for years by people who bring an older rescue dog into their home. But it is not necessary to stop it. Many puppies and older dogs will benefit.

When feeding by hand, you can feed your dog bit by bit, or even better, by consuming your dog’s feed in regular exercise sessions throughout the day.
If you need to improve the bond you have with your dog, hand feeding at least a portion of their daily feed is a good place to start. In fact, there is no reason to give your dog his dinner out of a bowl at all! For more information, see “Do not waste your dog’s dinner”.

2. Relax Together
I think we all have a picture in our heads when we get our dogs from which we sleep faithfully at our feet. Relaxing together on the sofa.
But not all Labradors seem so inclined.

It is a common mistake that owners make by accidentally rewarding their dogs for being “active” in the house. If they lie still, we ignore them, but if they poke around and rummage around in the kitchen we notice.
Fortunately, it is not too difficult to reverse this situation.
We can teach our dog to settle down.
In this article, you will learn how to implement this.
Once you have a Labrador who likes settling down, let him do it right at your side. How often you want.
Watching TV, even taking a nap together, can help strengthen the bonds that bind you both together.

3. Care
Disrupting is fun. Most of us love to race through the park or the woods, get muddy, then come home and take off our rain gear.
It’s fun to get dirty, but it’s nice to know that you can get clean afterward.
Your dog is no different.
From mud on the feet to tangling in her fur, your dog at home would rather be clean and dry. This also gives you another great opportunity to connect. There are a variety of products that will help you to get your Labrador coat in a condition that will satisfy you. My personal favorite is the Furminator, which removes annoying dead fur while brushing the hide of your dog.

Despite what we can hope for, some dogs are not really happy to be cuddled and petted by their owners. Grooming is a way of physical contact with your dog, who is also productive and enjoyable for him.

4. Clicker Training
Train your dog is a wonderful opportunity to connect with him.
You will help him to keep his mind and body active while you pay attention to you. He will learn that you are the source of real fun.
In the Clicker training, this effect is reinforced.
Positive reinforcement training does not involve the use of Aversives. This means that your dog will enjoy every aspect of his training experience. There will be no unhappy connection between you and him.
Clicker training works completely without punishment, as the clicker’s sound acts as an “event marker”. So your dog can know exactly what you ask of him.Most trainers then reinforce this sought-after behavior by using timely correct treats.

Even puppies, anxious dogs or grumpy dogs can respond well to clicker training. For whatever reason you want to improve your bond with your Labrador, this is a fantastic option.

5. Be Active Together
We all have busy lives. From work to children to hobbies and time with relatives – there is always something that wants to distract our attention.
However, it is important to take time for hobbies, and if you have decided to welcome a dog in your life, then you should take it in as much as possible.

This will be easier for some people than for others, but there are some activities that you can enjoy with your dog. Most of them will help keep you fit and active. Take a look at our “Activities” article for ideas.
Well-behaved Labradors are welcome in many rural pubs, so an evening with your friends does not necessarily exclude your dog. Ask your boss if you can get your dog to work. If your Labrador is relaxed and popular everywhere, there’s always a chance he’ll be welcome in your office too. Just ask friendly and stay polite if the answer is not what you hoped for!
If you are not at work, try to take him as many places as possible. Whether you go to a friend’s house or drive a car, if your Labrador is with you, you’ll increase the connection between you. Remember, a well-behaved dog is welcome with open arms in most places. If you want your Labrador to fit into other people’s homes, then a level of obedience training will also help you. Even if it’s only once a day, take it with you somewhere you might not have done otherwise.

Every bit helps
Everything you do with your dog has an impact on the relationship between you.
These things are cumulative.Spend as much time as you on an aspect, or spend your time with a few minutes each day. It will make a big difference.

Keeping your Labrador happy is very important.
Check out our other articles that focus on his emotional well-being, including 7 ingredients for a happy Labrador and 10 tips for a happy Labrador puppy.


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